5 Star Registration

Montana based Registered Agent business

How a high growth registered agent business used Caffeinated CX to Increase Response Speed 7.7x!


In the registered agent business, when a customer comes inbound, it is urgent. They are looking for help right away and whoever responds first, wins that deal. For 5 Star Registration, this meant having a team in Montana that handled customer calls and emails 12 hours a day.

Their service team was made up of three staff, working different shifts who were getting paid an average of $50,000 a year. It was hard to keep this team motivated and timely. Slow responses were on the rise and Dave, their manager, had trouble in the past hiring for this role as people often had a high error rate in their responses.

With this in mind, Dave searched for a solution that would help his team respond faster and decrease error rates, and be fully integrated with 5 Star Registrations existing process.


5 Star Registration was the ideal client for Caffeinated CX as they already knew they were having issues responding fast. Our team prides itself on 10x-ing customer support output and when you can directly correlate that with growth, our solution becomes a no brainer.

Dave the business’s manager also appreciated how our software could directly integrate into their existing process on Zendesk. He didn’t have to train his staff on anything new and it was a huge relief not having to hire more customer service team members as they scaled.

Dave said, “Within 1 month of working with Caffeinated CX, we saw revenue and profit grow as we were paying less to answer support tickets and actually getting back to our customers fast.”


For a registration business that knows customer’s have urgent requests, it is a no brainer to be there for them. When a customer reaches out, they want your product or service now.

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