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How an Eight Figure Ecom Brand Used AI to Drive Revenue Growth Through CX Team


Most ecommerce businesses don’t have fast customer support. They believe it’d be cumbersome to actually empower agents to be there right away for your potential customers. As you read that sentence, does it sound counterintuitive?

Organifi started testing Caffeinated CX as they realized many customers had questions before they ordered. While most D2C brands think they want to be as hands off as possible, when customer support can drive more growth, why not give it a shot?

Organifi used our AI autofill tool for their CX team and immediately saw response times speed up and error rates decline. This led to a 87% higher CSAT score and at the end of the day, Organifi was able to drive more growth by providing a tool for their support team to work more efficiently.


Organifi had a customer support platform in place but did not respond to their customers fast. Working with Caffeinated CX, we were able to utilize their existing support platform while improving customer satisfaction by 87%.

Integration was seamless and everyday our software handled thousands of tickets. Because our software integrates directly with their support software, there was no learning curve for their support team.

Drew, a co-founder of Organifi said, “Caffeinated CX was a hidden in plain sight unlock for our business. We are a customer first brand and by enabling our customers to actually get a response from us faster while enabling our team to work for efficiently was a profitable move for us.”


The best part of the results here is that everything our team did with Organifi actually drove more profit.

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