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Customer experience is not only a viable factor but also an emotion. It's the belief that the customers or any individual show towards the business after engaging with them. Each interaction serves as a point of ease or satisfies that belief. Thus, upholding and enhancing any favorable emotions they may possess towards brands is significant and requires constant attention. But how can a business augment customer experience? By understanding the identity of the customers and discerning their expectations. 

The answer involves "Customer Experience Management" (CXM). It is a collection of methodologies and accompanying technologies businesses use to employ, monitor, supervise, and systematize every engagement between customers and their brands across various contact points throughout the customer optimization journey.

Businesses can fulfill these customer anticipations by implementing customer experience management and boosting customer satisfaction. Typically, the CXM process entails assembling customer input, maintaining a unified database of individual customers, and delivering a tailored encounter through numerous platforms. However, maintaining customer experience can take a lot of work, demanding substantial effort and support. But, many technological advancements have simplified the process for businesses to enhance CXM, offering an array of innovative solutions and instruments.

So in this article, let's delve into the top-most powerful customer experience management tools and approaches businesses can employ to improve their CX.

What is the Importance of Improving CX?

Enhancing customer experience (CX) can significantly influence financial performance. According to the Temkin Group, even a modest improvement in CX can yield an average revenue surge of 823 million dollars over 3 years for a business with 1 billion dollars in annual revenue. And businesses that effectively implement a customer experience approach attain superior customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer attrition, and amplified payments. This thing ultimately proves as an absolute success for a business.

Moreover, less than 50% of all businesses intend to allocate resources toward enhancing the customer experience in the forthcoming year. And research indicates that almost 44% of companies will augment their investments in CX endeavors. With that said, there are numerous reasons for giving a high priority to improving CX, which include the following:

  1. Elevates Lifetime Value

One of the primary reasons for prioritizing and enhancing customer experience in businesses is its direct correlation to augmented customer lifetime value and retention. As per a study by HBR, obtaining a new customer can incur costs ranging from 5-25 times higher than retaining an existing one. Because existing ones are more likely to assemble repeat purchases and are more inclined to refer others to the business, and by delivering an extraordinary customer experience, businesses can cultivate steadfast customer loyalty and foster a continuous stream of returning customers.

  1. Enhances Satisfaction

Prioritizing CX enhancement holds significance due to its direct correlation to improved overall satisfaction. A report by PwC indicates that almost 73% of consumers affirm that a positive customer experience is a pivotal factor influencing their purchase decisions. Nearly 65% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for an enhanced customer experience. And directing efforts toward providing an exceptional customer experience can extend customer loyalty and retention. Also, it can attract new customers willing to invest more for an elevated experience.

  1. Lowers Churn

Another fundamental reason for enhancing customer experience is its ability to shorten customer attrition. Because customer churn denotes the pace at which customers discontinue their association with a business. It directly influences revenue and expansion, a vital measure for any business. According to a research report from Forrester, enhancing customer experience has the potential to reduce customer churn by a notable 15 to 20%. It is because customers who encounter a positive experience are less likely to transition to a competitor.

  1. Cost Reduction

Enhancing customer experience can also contribute to cost reduction within a business. It is because acquiring a new customer can entail higher expenses than retaining an existing one. A business can decrease customer attrition by emphasizing and improving customer experience and reducing the need to invest in costly advertising and marketing campaigns to entice new customers. Moreover, businesses that deliver an outstanding customer experience are more inclined to receive positive online feedback.

How to Select the Best CXM Tool?

Today not all customer experience management tools are assembled equally. Some prioritize the visual design elements of a webpage, while others primarily focus on offering diverse survey options. When selecting the best tools, it is essential first to consider the complete objective. Because they come up with many factors, like whether you are executing it to evaluate and enhance the performance of the CS team or are you aiming to discover specific aspects related to customer satisfaction rates. 

Other elements to consider are the preferred types of surveys or questions a business can deploy and whether the tool provides reporting capabilities and insightful analytics. And are fundamental components like predictive analytics, customer self-service, and feedback management easily accessible and user-friendly within these tools? 

To comprehend these aspects, let's explore some of the best CX management tools to improve customer experience. So without further ado, let's get started.

8 Top-Notch Customer Experience Management Tools—2023

Due to the uniqueness of each business's goals and technological infrastructure, no universal customer experience management platform suits every business's needs. So below, we have identified the seven best customer experience management tools for businesses.

Caffeinated CX: 3x Customer Service Efficiency

To increase customer service efficiency and maximize revenue, a business needs the best customer service solution that meets its requirements. Caffeinated CX, an AI customer support tool enables businesses to 3x customer service efficiency by using advanced AI algorithms like NLP and ML. This tool helps customer support teams to streamline the customer service process and solve customer tickets 3x faster.

Through a Caffeinated intuitive no-code chatbot, businesses can inquire about customer preferences, effectively initiate conversations, capture valuable leads anytime, and suggest suitable products.

This sophisticated platform revolutionizes how businesses interact with their customers, providing efficient and personalized experiences at scale.

Start a free 14 day trial to see Caffeinated CX in action! 


Zendesk is a cloud-based omnichannel CS application that enhances customer relationships by strongly emphasizing customer support. It provides a customer support portal tool and flexible help desk, accessible on demand. The primary objective of Zendesk is to elevate customer satisfaction and facilitate support across various communication channels, including text, email, web, phone, mobile app, and social media. 

Through Zendesk, customers can effectively manage their phone calls, tickets, and interactions within a unified platform that diligently monitor and track every customer engagement. Moreover, Zendesk offers a range of products designed to help customers throughout their sales period, encompassing live chat functionality, help desk software, and detailed base management capabilities.

Core Features & Pricing

  • Enables the execution of Net Promoter Score surveys to collect customer feedback timely. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with cloud-based customer relationship management systems. 
  • It can facilitate the assessment of customer service team performance via pre-configured dashboards.
  • Zendesk provides paid subscription plans commencing for a suite team at $49 per agent/month, for suite growth at $79 per agent/month, and for a suite professional at $99 per agent/month.

Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics made headlines in the middle of the year 2021 with the announcement of its investment in Clarabridge, a renowned application specializing in conversational analytics and customer experience management. This strategic move, coupled with Qualtrics' existing technologies, has led to Qualtrics XM, a comprehensive platform that serves as a centralized hub for businesses to explore valuable feedback from various customer touch points. These touchpoints encompass email, voice recordings, surveys, chat logs, agent notes, and social media. 

And integrating Clarabridge's natural language processing engine into Qualtrics XM proves particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with substantial volumes of feedback. This advanced engine adeptly collects and organizes customer data, empowering businesses to access highly detailed and automated understandings of sales and customer experiences. These insights will further transform into actionable tasks that drive overall business growth.

Core Features & Pricing

  • Qualtrics iQ leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to meticulously examine data and offer actionable recommendations for the next steps.
  • An all-encompassing array of listening instruments is available within the suite, facilitating real-time feedback capture. 
  • With experience management, all the automated actions and suggested actions are delivered to the appropriate individuals and CS teams, empowering them to respond consequently.
  • Specific pricing details for Qualtrics are not readily accessible on the internet.


As a frontrunner and industry-leading provider in XM, Medallia offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that focuses on grabbing and interpreting signals at every customer touchpoint. It empowers businesses to foster loyalty throughout the entire user journey. It can leverage event-based actions that facilitate real-time interactions between companies and customers. Businesses can now engage with their customers through popular messaging channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger. 

Medallia enables the collection of feedback from customers and employees via various channels of their preference, including website, email, IoT-connected devices, and mobile messaging.

Core Features & Pricing

  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Medallia Athena uncovers patterns, analyzes customer journeys, identifies trends, offers actionable suggestions, and predicts customer behavior.
  • Medallia integrates with tools such as Salesforce, Workday, and Adobe, enabling data sharing across multiple teams and systems.
  • Enables the gathering of user thoughts regarding the latest concepts and updates through the innovative 'Ask Now' functionality. 
  • Customers can request a demo or get a custom quote for specific pricing details of Medallia. 


Leveraging its widely acclaimed cloud-based customer relationship management platform, Salesforce offers many capabilities to support businesses in cultivating and nurturing long-lasting customer relationships. It can gather feedback through product demonstrations or service sampling and capture in-person interactions with sales representatives via (IM) instant messaging/web or over the phone.

And by utilizing the power of AI, the Salesforce platform examines this prosperity of information to identify opportunities for enhancing existing customer experience procedures or kick-starting novel initiatives to elevate the overall brand experience.

Core Features & Pricing

  • It can collect customer feedback from various touchpoints, such as websites and social media platforms. And can track website navigation patterns.
  • Leverage the self-service doorway to suggest relevant articles to customers, providing valuable recommendations.
  • Efficiently direct customers to the most suitable agents for top-notch service through automated routing. 
  • Salesforce offers paid subscription plans for essentials at $25 per user/month and for professionals at $75 per user/month, for enterprises at $150 per user/month, and unlimited use at $300 per user/month.


Renowned as the essential tool for digital marketers, HubSpot's Service Hub encompasses automation for help desks, conversational tools, and surveys for customer feedback – all seamlessly integrated with customer relationship management (CRM). This integration gives businesses a comprehensive and unified perspective of each customer interchange.

Additionally, HubSpot offers sophisticated and comprehensive reports that can be effortlessly shared with team associates and stakeholders. It also offers net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES), and customizable customer surveys for customer feedback management, enabling businesses to enhance the overall customer experience.

Core Features & Pricing

  • Establish feedback mechanisms and channels, structure and arrange accumulated data and automate data analysis. 
  • Create actionable insights to enhance customer perception of a product or service.
  • Its conversational AI automatically captures details from every phone call, empowering teams to solve the underlying reasons behind their undertaking.
  • HubSpot Operations Software provides free and premium plans. Number one is primary, 100% free; the second plan is the starter at $45 monthly, professional at $720 monthly, and enterprise at $2,000 monthly.


Zoho customer relationship management (CRM) Plus platform presents a comprehensive customer experience solution that enables real-time monitoring and management of customer engagement. This versatile tool consolidates customer support functions, marketing, and sales and grants complete cross-business visibility to foster customer involvement and addresses concerns effectively. 

Furthermore, Zoho can gain access to an AI-powered analytics engine that examines customer touchpoints, feedback, and interactions, generating actionable insights. It includes optimizing customer communication methods and predicting the most effective sales and marketing strategies tailored to each customer.

Core Features & Pricing

  • Zoho provides advanced analysis tools that facilitate market and promotional trend analysis and guide the formulation of strategies to gain a competitive advantage when these trends prove lucrative.
  • Effectively connect with the customers using the appropriate channel at the optimal moment and with precisely tailored messaging. 
  • By using Zoho CRM, a business can tap into the capabilities of omnichannel engagement, segmentation, key performance indicators (KPIs), predictive intelligence, and other advanced features.
  • Zoho offers paid subscription plans for standard at $14 per user/month and for professionals at $23 per user/month, for enterprises at $40 per user/month, and unlimited use at $52 per user/month.


Adobe's suite of CX management tools, Experience Cloud, utilizes advanced AI capabilities to effectively categorize and identify customers based on various quantitative and qualitative data factors. These factors can gather key customer details, such as demographics and personal preferences.

Moreover, Adobe tools can personalize and optimize customer experiences, generating increased interest in products or services and fostering long-term business loyalty. And businesses can leverage the data collected within the Experience Cloud to closely monitor and analyze user journeys throughout their lifecycle, assessing sales success or failure rates at both micro and macro levels. 

Core Features & Pricing

  • Adobe empowers businesses to make informed decisions and continuously refine their strategies for better customer engagement and growth.
  • It can analyze customer interactions and their sources, including email clicks, website visits, and social media engagements.
  • It can offer extensive knowledge on how potential customers respond when introduced to or educated about a particular product or service.
  • Adobe offers multiple price packages for cloud products like, real-time CDP, journey optimizer, customer journey analytics, market engagement, work-front, commerce, experience manager sites, experience manager assets, campaign, target, learning manager, and experience manager forms.

What are the Key Tips to Improve CX—2023?

Here are some practical tips use to improve the customer experience journey right away:

Final Statement—Select the Best Customer Experience Management Tool Today!

In closing, customer experience tools provide invaluable insights into the progression of the customers along different stages of the sales funnel. By leveraging these tools, a business can reduce customer churn and optimize profitability. Employees and agents can achieve remarkable returns and cultivate enduring customer relationships with access to top-notch support from customer experience software. So start today and take the time to explore the customer experience management tools mention-above and determine which one aligns best with your specific business requirements.

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