Today you all want to be a champion of customer satisfaction. But you may hold a role in marketing or another, or you're an entrepreneur steering your venture and seeking a top-notch alternative to Intercom. Or you're already utilizing it, but as your business requirements expand, the expenses rise.

On the contrary, tailoring the tool and gathering data consumes considerable time, and you likely wish to avoid undergoing the same procedure again. In such a scenario, if any describe you, you arrive at the correct destination. Using an exceptional support solution that empowers numerous digital enterprises to connect with their customers through diverse channels is always a good option.

However, Intercom isn't flawless because numerous current users of Intercom encounter multiple challenges. That's why countless enterprises search for more fitting and budget-friendly Intercom alternatives. So before we start, let's take a precise look at why you should use the perfect choice of Intercom according to your business needs.

What are the Most-Suitable Grounds for Considering an Alternative to Intercom in 2023? 

To find out the most suitable option for Intercom, discovering a universally applicable solution is challenging. Because Intercom is no different in this regard—it might not be an ideal fit for every business model. So let's promptly delve into the below-mention areas:

  1. It has excessive billing that lacks scalability and predictability, which may result in extra monthly fees based on the outreach volume. It is also coupled with negligent and indifferent customer service that frequently overlooks or shifts the inquiries between multiple departments.
  2. The Pro plan of Intercom (pricing attributes accessible upon inquiry) omits crucial features, which could be frustrating for numerous customers. However, this plan overlooks lead generation chatbots, SLA (service-level agreement) rules, custom reporting capabilities, email templates, and other functionalities.
  3. Certain users assert that the chatbot construction tools lack adaptability and are not user-friendly. Also, configuring the Intercom and independently comprehending its intricacies can pose considerable difficulties.
  4. Most of the time, Intercom shuffles elements from support and marketing functionalities. However, it lacks fundamental customer service attributes like comprehensive reporting, email automation, customer experience surveys, ticket filters, and other essential aspects.
  5. Moreover, determining the inclined features and the suitable plan for multiple business requirements can pose a challenge. Smaller enterprises might encounter difficulties realizing a favorable return on their investments in terms of expended costs and efforts.

What are the Best Intercom Alternatives Stand Out in 2023?

Intercom is a comprehensive platform for customer communication, consolidating the entire company's operations within a single tool. But we have many outstanding choices; they are much like Intercom itself. It is precisely the circumstance that has led you to this page. We've presented some of the best intercom alternatives in 2023 that you need to check out.

  • Caffeinated CX
  • ADA
  • Forethought
  • Help Scout
  • Customerly
  • HelpCrunch
  • GoSquared
  • Lyro
  • ProProfs Help Desk
  • Zendesk

Caffeinated CX

Make customer support more efficient with integrated support software.

Caffeinated CX is one of the best Intercom alternatives. Caffeinated CX is adept at formulating responses to drawing insights, and customer queries, from the team's historical interactions.

It can be integrated seamlessly with different customer service platforms, like Zoho, Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, and more. Also, it initiates a process to enhance the efficiency of the customer success team.

3x the CX Team Efficiency in 3 Clicks

Its efforts and development revolve around enhancing the customer experience team. And every facet of its technology is intuitively designed to guarantee optimal productivity.

Caffeinated CX offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Caffeinated CX can label tickets by assessing customer concerns and sentiment with intelligent conversation tagging, eradicating the need for manual manipulation of customer experience data.
  • Its setup is complete in less than one minute (like 57 seconds). And can begin harnessing the potential of AI to effectively enhance the support team's capabilities across various channels, spanning email, SMS, and chats.
  • As an average outcome, Caffeinated customers encounter a 570% return on investment (ROI), 3x modification in complete resolution time, and a 37% higher customer satisfaction score.

Moreover, Caffeinated CX can offer e-commerce integration that can effortlessly link the commerce toolkit (such as Shopify) to manage and support operations with a single click.


Create robust automation for customer service with minimal exertion.

ADA paved the way for conversation-powered intercom alternatives that move away from complex, code-intensive chatbots of the past. Using a user-friendly platform can address a more significant number of customer queries with reduced human involvement.

ADA can generate conversational, frequently asked questions effortlessly so the user can synchronize Ada with the knowledge base to automatically create new intentions by drawing from existing content.

Effortlessly Construct Enterprise-level Automation

It can free up a dependence on the IT sector and allow Ada to handle demanding tasks. Utilize AI-powered construction tools, a drag-and-drop user interface, and integrated analytics to pinpoint precisely where to concentrate the automation efforts.

Ada offers a wide array of features, including:

  • Enable the customer experience team to create, oversee, and consistently enhance automation, ranging from frequently asked questions to intricate integrations and workflows.
  • Open up integration and handoff opportunities beyond the ready-made connectors by utilizing the adaptable request block, which seamlessly operates with specific API touchpoints.
  • Ada's natural language understanding (NLU) employs pre-trained machine learning (ML) samples from countless customer dialogues filed to align with the company's requirements.

Hence, Ada can effectively foresee the customer's upcoming actions and direct them toward the most beneficial solution. It can also formulate more astute automated interactions by proactively recognizing crucial elements like dates, names, and locations.


Create forth-coming generative AI with new business imperative.

Forethought employs advanced generative AI driven by SupportGPT™ (the first universal AI Generative Platform for CS), leveraging fine-tunes and Large Language Models (LLMs) using specific data. This approach is geared towards return on investment (ROI) and optimizing efficiency for customer support teams.

When customers present straightforward inquiries, such as queries about password resets or product features, they often prefer resolving these independently rather than engaging with a customer service or support representative.

Facilitate the Support Ticket Lifecycle with AI Ticketing System

It can simplify the complete life cycle of support tickets within a unified generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform along with the solve, triage, assist, and discover options across all communication channels.

Forethought offers a wide array of features, including:

  • Forethought can effectively meet customer expectations by utilizing an enterprise-level AI platform that can autonomously resolve frequent inquiries and provide intelligent recommendations to support reps.
  • The multiple models of forethought necessitate classification and redirection to the appropriate support team; however, some other undertakings of manual models frequently surge in an unsatisfactory customer journey.
  • Forethought AI swiftly addresses prevalent issues and directs intricate cases to the suitable support team. It can also automatically resolve typical customer concerns, precisely categorize and handle tickets, efficiently detect and eliminate spam, and aid representatives in managing intricate cases.

Forethought can also aid financial services firms in expediting customer query resolutions that can automatically address typical customer concerns.

Help Scout

Effortlessly oversee interactions in one robust platform.

Another effective alternative to Intercom is the Help Scout; it ensures the user presence exactly where the customers require it while providing the team with the necessary customer service tools for enhanced email marketing automation, collaboration, and organization, resulting in improved efficiency.

The Help Scout platform can start within minutes, and its simplicity is related to using an email inbox, allowing the entire team to concentrate on the topmost priority, just like nurturing customer relationships.

Efficiently Handle Customer Dialogues within a Single Platform

It simplifies collaborative efforts within email inboxes such as info@ and support@, constructs help centers, facilitates live chat software capabilities, and provides additional features with a quick five-minute tour.

Help Scout offers a wide range of features, including:

  • It can provide support toolkits with complimentary guides, templates, private notes, resources, collision detection, courses, and assignments. That can all be meticulously crafted to aid users, and the team in delivering outstanding customer support or service.
  • It can streamline intricate processes and craft automated or manual workflows to manage repetitive responsibilities using straightforward if/then sense.
  • Help Scout can facilitate recurring duties such as categorizing emails into directories, handling mass responses, and distributing emails among team members. It can also address frequently asked questions swiftly by utilizing searchable storage of accumulated responses.

Furthermore, the Help Scout can effectively involve coworkers by tagging them and vacating private notices to emails, enabling collaborative problem-solving before sending.


All-in-one customer service software with an intuitive dashboard.

Customerly can efficiently establish significant connections with customers using written and video communication mediums, shared inboxes, and advanced help center support, all while efficiently monitoring incoming interactions via a unified and user-friendly dashboard.

With its optimal automation in place, Customerly seamlessly aligns with the customer service team, facilitating the creation of remarkable customer experiences. It can also deliver immediate aid through AI-enhanced real-time chat support.

Streamline the Email Follow-up Process 

Customerly can effectively email all leads post their initial visit, assign priority based on their response, and gauge their interest.

Customerly offers a wide array of features, including:

  • It can improve customer communication by constructing integrated sales and marketing automation funnels aligned with the user journey. Also, it can consolidate marketing automation with the most cutting-edge communication platform - Bingo
  • Customerly can harness the potential of marketing automation to guide the users through onboarding via email or live chat solution, which makes a seamless blend of automated efficiency and effective communication.
  • Customerly can enhance customer engagement with a robust video-based live chat with inbox support that presents comprehensive user insights at a glance. And can efficiently allocate suitable support solutions to specific issues using intelligent assignment rules. 

Customerly can sort multiple filters through user behaviors or conditions, review them later, and make the most of the advantages provided by ongoing segmentation.


Customized communication with a multichannel chat widget.

HelpCrunch delivers customer support across multiple channels to maintain contact with customers regardless of location. It can consolidate all communication channels into a single dashboard to offer aid through email, live chat, Facebook, messengers, or Instagram. 

It provides exceptional self-service around the clock, generates valuable content using the user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, swiftly establishes a comprehensive help center, and optimizes it for SEO. Because of that, their users can utilize it as an independent website or seamlessly integrate it into a widget for enhanced context.

Strong Live Chat Support for Higher Sales

HelpCrunch can capture more leads through the user website, transform them into loyal customers, and offer delightful and rapid customer service using live chat support software.

HelpCrunch offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Elevate customer engagement and drive sales with email marketing tools that experience heightened customer engagement and increased sales through HelpCrunch's email marketing software. 
  • It also has an unlimited chat history feature. Initiate additional chat interactions and transform visitors into potential leads through automated chat messages. And can establish the criteria that will prompt well-timed messages by users' actions.
  • HelpCrunch provides a collaborative inbox for swifter and more effective communication that furnishes clients with a multi-channel encounter. It can seamlessly work with the team members and proficiently oversee conversations within a suitable shared inbox.

So whether the users opt for visually appealing one-off newsletters or fully automated email campaigns, they can effectively reach their customers at every sales funnel step.


Award-winning customer service platform to engage with customers.

GoSquared has an acclaimed dashboard designed for universal device compatibility, fostering team-wide engagement. It is integrated into the user website and the dashboard to perform multiple tasks effortlessly and doesn't require additional setup demands.

Its widely used free analytics tools gather extensive visitor data and employ it for purposes extending beyond delivering insights to the users. While its data stemming from the user website visitors is intrinsically anonymized, serving the purpose of providing essential website metrics to the customer solely.

Offer Straightforward and Private Alternatives to Google Analytics

Provide users adequate access to the vital website metrics to review daily, all without the intricacies and steep learning curve associated with tools like Google Analytics.

GoSquared offers a broad scope of features, including:

  • Offer web analytics that grow in intelligence with increasing usage. These intelligent predictions utilize historical data to project the user-anticipated daily, weekly, and monthly traffic volumes.
  • GoSquared Analytics offers a more precise representation of bounce rate through robust engagement metrics.
  • GoSquared can utilize website visitors' behavior to activate personalized automated messages targeted at leads, thereby enhancing the likelihood of sales conversion.

Moreover, GoSquared can safeguard the visitors' and personally identifiable information from being gathered. They are committed to delivering a user-friendly and beneficial web analytics service that prioritizes businesses' needs while respecting visitors' privacy.


Upgrade businesses with an AI service representative.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use Lyro AI to expand their support capabilities without additional hiring. It engages with the customers and swiftly addresses their inquiries. In contrast to human agents with an average response time of 2 minutes, Lyro swiftly addresses questions in under 15 seconds.

Lyro exclusively operates with the information within the support content, minimizing the potential for incorrect responses, and can keep data up-to-date in real-time. Users can use the supplied data and a sandbox environment to observe how the AI reacts to customer inquiries. Furthermore, if customers seek information beyond Lyro's knowledge, AI guides them towards human agents.

Resolve 70% of Customer Issues within Minutes

Lyro manages a significant portion, around 70%, of frequently asked customer queries, allowing the actual agents to concentrate on resolving intricate tickets.

Lyro offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Its visual chatbot editor offers a grid where users can incorporate and link nodes like conditions, triggers, and actions. When the user crafts a "workflow" or "map" for their chatbot—a coherent sequence of events unfolds from the visitor's perspective, commonly known as a chatbot decision tree.
  • It employs advanced deep learning and natural language processing technologies; Lyro ensures an optimal visitor experience on the user website with a simple setup.
  • Lyro AI presents an array of pre-constructed chatbot templates classified by objectives of boosting sales, resolving issues, generating leads, and strategies (a planned combination of several chatbots that can be activated simultaneously).

The best part of Lyro is that it can address numerous queries within a single customer chat while registering as a solitary conversation. 

ProProfs Help Desk Software

Centralize all customers' emails using a shared inbox.

ProProfs Help Desk is another best alternative to Intercom–it serves as a comprehensive hub, offering centralized information and customer relationship management to cater to internal and external services or support inquiries within a business. 

It streamlines automation for enhanced collaboration and routine tasks and facilitates informed strategic choices based on help desk data. 

Unified, Delegate, Monitor, and Manage Collaborative Tickets

ProProfs team inbox customer service tool often shares an inbox that enables numerous team members to concurrently access and send emails through joint email accounts like support@company, sales@company, and contact@company.

ProProfs Help Desk offers a broad scope of features, including:

  • ProProfs Help Desk can enhance inbox administration to automated email allocation; each incoming email necessitates an assigned owner. It can employ the Round-Robin approach to automatically disperse emails among accessible team members, ensuring an equitable workload distribution across the business team.
  • Its collaborative features include private annotations, visibility into ongoing tasks, and task delegation within a unified interface. Because of these features, a user can monitor email performance metrics through a shared email inbox and expedite recipient response times.
  • Its Help Desk can effectively gather customer feedback because, most of the time, users are curious about their email response which can directly impact customers' behavior. These surveys provide their answer through a shared inbox system, so the users can effortlessly distribute automated customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to customers and keep tabs on their satisfaction levels.

Hence, the ProProfs Help Desk users can swiftly and proficiently address thousands of customer queries by meticulously organizing all customer conversations.


Create long-term relationships with top-notch customer experiences.

Zendesk provides users with the tools to respond to evolving customer demands. That can foster synergy between the teams and technology-centered approaches around the utmost significance of its customers.

It can forge significant bonds between users to seek solutions, reach out to them on their chosen communication platform, and then tailor the dialogue to address their specific requirements precisely.

Offer Sunshine Platform with Wide Architecture

With over 1200 integrations and applications in its library, Zendesk effortlessly incorporates users' everyday tools with a simple click. Its expansive array of APIs empowers teams to enhance and tailor solutions according to their needs. When users integrate their tech stack with Zendesk, their data becomes practical and accessible.

Zendesk offers a wide array of features, including:

  • Zendesk can provide tailored, engaging conversations through the preferred customer channels. This approach transforms customer interactions from mere transactions to meaningful engagements, fostering lasting loyalty.
  • It can shift customer support agents from issue resolution to revenue generation. Through its comprehensive workspace, users dedicate less time to repetitive tasks and more to cultivating relationships.
  • It can stay aligned with evolving customer expectations, seamlessly explore new markets, and expedite growth using the comprehensive "Sunshine" platform's open and adaptable solutions.

Best Intercom Alternatives: Conclusion

Ultimately, the preference hinges on person-to-person business requirements and financial considerations. Or think again to consider this; should you require enterprise-level automation, ADA emerges as a superb option.

For 3x the customer service team efficiency, Caffeinated CX presents a compelling alternative to Intercom. Forethought also offers a robust choice, particularly if you seek a support ticket lifecycle with AI. But, conducting a thorough comparison of features and pricing for each service is essential to pinpoint the best match for your business. Thus, the unique representation of this guide can help you determine the best Intercom alternative in 2023 for your business.

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