If the chances of implementing enhanced customer service in your business have crossed your mind, there are many considerations beyond the simple choices of 3CX. So be it one of these scenarios or a mysterious third situation, you've landed at the perfect destination for substitutes to 3CX to enhance customer service. 

Well, there’s no doubt 3Cx can link up your phone system, video conferencing, live chat, customers, and teams, But it stands unparalleled in cost. If budget is your primary concern, giving them your initial consideration is advisable. However, beyond this aspect, 3CX's pricing structure might not cater to all—it revolves around a blend of user count and concurrent/simultaneous calls, resulting in substantial costs when employed in a demanding contact center or call center. 

So this piece will take you towards the best 3CX alternative for enhanced customer service. We have discussed the top 3CX alternatives that offer greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness while delivering the advanced capabilities that businesses demand. So without any further hold, let's get straight into it.

First Thing First, 3CX at a Glance

Today 3CX can operate as a business phone and call center software, presenting a PBX solution that can be used on-premises or hosted. At its core, 3CX serves as an accessible web solution, extends location possibility to iOS and Android applications, and effortlessly streamlines and installs user management systems. That can quickly shift visitors to sales and lead, with more elevated chats to phone calls option. It also incorporates certain cloud features, but as a VoIP provider, it lacks to represent the characteristics of a genuine cloud-based VoIP phone system. 

So, if you require a Unified Communications platform, merge various communication channels within a single application. In that case, 3CX's offerings exhibit certain limitations, particularly in the absence of instant messaging and SMS capabilities. Or if a significant portion of a business's operations revolves around cell phone interactions, it surpasses the pricing model capacity even more swiftly than the somewhat restricted range of features. In that case, we've gathered some of the standards to choose the perfect option of 3CX.

What are the Benchmarks to Select the Best 3CX Alternative?

The criteria by which we evaluated and ordered the below-mentioned alternatives for 3CX are as follows:

Feature Support

Each communication platform and business phone system should encompass functionalities and call forwarding/management features tailored to user requirements. This observation bears significance due to the dissimilarity in communication necessities between small businesses and large corporations. So it's essential to assess the specific functionalities vital for any business. 

Client Contribution

A robust customer support structure within the user communication platform is indispensable for business operations, given that the phone system functions as the bedrock of any business, and operational downtime can lead to substantial losses. In case users seek an enterprise-level phone system for global companies where superior customer support is necessary to become even more pronounced.

Reliability Assurance

All businesses want to gauge customer feedback to measure the user-friendliness and quality of customer support for each solution, recognizing the significance of time for small businesses. So it's essential to furnish the potential impact of downtime of business. Hence, this approach examined the dependability of the cloud phone system, ensuring uninterrupted service. 

Now, let's start with all the best alternatives to 3CX below!

5 Top-Notch 3CX Alternatives 2023!

Today's market boosts a plethora of alternatives to 3CX. An appealing aspect of 3CX is its initial year of complete free usage, a significantly extended trial duration that draws many businesses to adopt this business phone system. It holds even for clients who opt for hosted solutions. So if you're tired of undisclosed charges and safety concerns, let's look at the five leading alternatives to 3CX for customer service mentioned below.

  • Caffeinated CX
  • Forethought
  • Dialpad        
  • RingCentral
  • 8x8

Caffeinated CX: Best 3CX Alternative for Enhanced Customer Service

Caffeinated CX stands as one of the best 3CX alternatives for enhanced customer service that is strategically designed to heighten the operational efficiency of businesses' customer support units through streamlined response automation. At the same time, its onboarding process ensures a seamless start, enabling users to experience enhanced response times and heightened accuracy swiftly.

It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and cultivates its autofill AI to swiftly address customer inquiries, drawing insights from past support interactions. This approach significantly curtails support expenses and contributes to heightened profitability. With its seamless native integration into prominent support software like HubSpot, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, Caffeinated CX seamlessly aligns with existing business software setups.

What are the Upsides that Make a Caffeinated CX Unique?

  • Caffeinated CX is firmly committed to augmenting customer support excellence. Continuously learning from team responses, and it constantly improves its AI capacities.
  • Caffeinated CX can meticulously monitor the performance of each customer experience representative, both with and without the integration of Caffeinated CX. It can 3x the customer service efficiency with its advanced AI customer service features.
  • It is exceptionally proficient in accelerating support team performance while preserving their roles. Caffeinated CX ensures a swift deployment, even for less seasoned team members. It also emerges as an intelligent AI tool empowering businesses to turbocharge support productivity, delivering quicker and more effective services to their clientele.

Pick the Only Pay Plan with Caffeinated CX

It provides a complete ticket solution plan with a money-back guarantee. Users can get its 14-day trial. Or they can get 2 thousand to 10 thousand tickets at 0.15 cents per ticket and 10 thousand contact solutions for the enterprise level.

Forethought: Finest Generative AI Associated by SupportGPT™

Forethought introduces its pioneering generative AI platform, SupportGPT™, another best 3CX alternative. It is meticulously crafted to revolutionize and optimize customer support operations, resulting in heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Its AI architecture is planned to streamline customer service processes across various initiatives, including SaaS, e-commerce, and FinTech.

It operates on the foundation of large language models (LLMs); the platform accurately predicts customer inquiries and furnishes rapid and precise responses. It can also encompass automating solutions for common queries across diverse channels and augments multiple cases with sentiment and intent insights.

What are the Aspects that Make a Forethought More Amazing Than 3CX?

  • Forethought can subsequently prioritize and route tasks based on urgency, assisting and harnessing the potency of generative AI to empower agents with pertinent knowledge and suggested replies.
  • Its users can experience transparency in AI with Workflow Builder. It is a break-free solution from the mystery of a black box approach. That can make pre-constructed workflows or seamlessly create tailored interactions utilizing the inherent capabilities of generative AI. It can merge these experiences seamlessly with any communication system and unleash them across diverse communication channels.
  • It also offers a 'discover' option that allows companies to gauge ROI, uncover and address gaps, and continuously monitor performance in real time.

Choose the Most Attractive Package with Forethought

Forethought can reduce ticket volume by half through AI-powered customer support with some effective options, including general, media, sales, FAQ, and Forethought help desk. Its users can get its demo quote and ROI assessment.

Dialpad: Best AI-Powered Customer Brilliance Platform

Dialpad presents noteworthy, budget-friendly selections tailored for small enterprises. It offers value with a more straightforward setup and user-friendly interface. The Dialpad can seamlessly integrate with several prominent applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft 365, and various others. 

Its cloud-based architecture boosts user-friendliness and remarkable scalability. In a striking example, ClassPass swiftly managed to establish new office branches globally within minutes through Dialpad. Its level of agility isn't attainable with every (UCaaS) unified communications as a service solution; older telephony technologies make such accomplishments considerably challenging. 

What Makes a Dialpad Different Than 3CX?

  • Dialpad's AI capabilities empower users to deliver top-notch support across all communication channels, featuring sentiment analysis, live coaching, and an array of other enhancements.
  • It can elevate outbound teams' performance with advanced resources such as AI sales, trend research, real-time AI coaching, and on-the-fly assistance.
  • Dialpad can integrate AI voice technology, transcribe calls, take meticulous notes, and track actionable items—enabling users to concentrate on the essential dialogue.
  • Its users can experience heightened productivity before, during, and after quality meetings, harnessing AI features like real-time transcription and automatic summaries of calls.

Pick the Perfect Plan with Dialpad

  • Its business communication package starts with a standard monthly price of 15$ per user. Users can also try its free trial with unlimited phone calls feature, MMS, SMS, team messaging, endless AI meetings (for up to 10 users), and more.
  • In their business pro package, its users can go with a monthly 25$ per user plan. Or users can try it free with all the standard options of multiple phone numbers, almost 25 ring departments, and 70 plus local support numbers. 
  • To get its enterprise package, users can get a custom quote with all the value of pro plans, endless office locations, support departments, and more.

RingCentral: Complete Platform, Deliver Intelligent & Connected Experiences

RingCentral stood out as a front-runner, securing exceptional ratings for superior call quality, user-friendliness, and an array of effective options that cater to diverse user budgets. RingCentral is also a prominent player in the CCaaS (Contact Center) and UCaaS (Unified Communications) as a service, and arena, boosting a substantial tenure dating back to the era of PBX systems.

As a business handler, users likely recognize the supremacy of genuine value over mere affordability. Thus, RingCentral balances cost-effectiveness and a top-notch VoIP service provider suitable for businesses of every magnitude. Its application boosts an elegantly designed, visually appealing user interface. 

What Drives a RingCentral Unique Than 3CX?

  • Presently, it offers desktop and mobile applications, seamlessly aligning with the profile of a contemporary communications platform in numerous aspects. It has also embarked on a transformation journey, adapting its functionalities and products to embrace the role of an AI service provider.
  • It can craft a comprehensive customer experience that merges omnichannel contact center capabilities, business communications tools, and artificial intelligence (AI) elements into a unified solution designed to cater to customers and employees.
  • RingCentral can transform communication with a suitable solution encompassing ready-to-use and customizable voice calls, SMS, video, messaging, data, fax, and AI functionalities. Furthermore, using RingCentral's Voice APIs, it can use voice API integration to infuse the applications with voice and telephony capabilities.

Select the Best Plan & Pricing with RingCentral

  • Its intelligent phone solution monthly package starts with a core price of 20$ per user, paid annually with its never-ending domestic calling, SMS, MMS, IVR, APIs, and Microsoft and Google app support.
  • RingCentral has a more popular advanced package that supercharges phone approaches to enhance automation, customer service, and insights. Users can get this option at 25$ per user per month, billed annually with automatic call recording, internet fax, and access to 300 plus apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.
  • It also offers the best value ultra-package with complete suite communication, telephony, SMS, video, and fax. Users can take everything in plus at 35$ per user, billed annually with endless HD videos, messaging, whiteboards, unlimited file sharing, and enhanced suite business analytics. 

8x8: Delivers Effortless and Self-Service Customer Assistance

8x8 is a widely recognized commercial telephone system for enhanced customer service in the industry landscape. It ranks among the best alternatives to 3CX, primarily targeting business clientele. This solution serves to optimize internal team communication within significant enterprises. It offers comprehensive training to ensure optimal utilization of all software functionalities.

Its integration stands out as a cornerstone aspect of this communication system that streamlines the oversight of communication processes by centralizing all pertinent data. This attribute renders 8x8 an efficient cloud-based solution, enabling businesses to accumulate valuable data and progressively enhance their services.

What are the Upsides that Make an 8x8 Unique?

  • It is accessible to the customers whenever they require assistance, empowered by the mobile application's ability to connect and cooperate no matter the location or time. It also ensures the user business's identity remains prominent even when utilizing personal devices.
  • Using 8x8's chat application, SMS, video interaction, and Voice APIs present a straightforward avenue to craft distinctive brand encounters, fostering elevated customer engagement and overall satisfaction. It can also streamline the process of tailoring conversations with pertinent customer details that diminish expenses and technological limitations through an encompassing contact center solution.
  • 8x8 grasps the customer's journey and leverages these insights to enhance and refine customer interactions to guarantee the security and seamless accessibility of all customer data for contact center agents. And can elevate NPS scores by swiftly comprehending customer history and potential intentions.

Pick the Perfect Plan with 8x8 that Saves Up to 23%

  • Its business communication plan offers video, voice, and chat support to X2, the larger team, with a custom quote request. This package provides endless user support, unified desktop, mobile, web applications, call queues, call handling, and more. 
  • The 8x8 advanced analytics and call handling package offers support to X4 with a custom quote request. This package provides endless voice calling support to forty-eight country users, secure HD voice, advanced audio and video control, and more.
  • Its additional contact center, video, chat, and voice support X8 with QM and interaction reports. To get this package, users can contact the sales team for 8X8 user workspace, omnichannel routing, email and messaging apps, attractive integrations, Chrome Enterprise recommended (CER) contact center solution, and more. 

Ending Note—Here's Your Ultimate 3CX Alternative

Caffeinated CX and Forethought emerge as the undisputed leader in the industry, offering substantial value due to its multitude of integrations, robust team collaboration utilities, and top-tier phone and video services. However, we recognize the distinctiveness of every business, and that's precisely why we've curated this diverse collection of solutions for your exploration. Hence this firsthand article will enable you to confidently select the option that streamlines your tasks and amplifies productivity.

A Pro tip here: First, try the free trials or demonstrations provided by the 3CX alternatives to finalize the most suitable option for your business.

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